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Amazing!! I've been using Metaburn for 3 weeks now and it is already so much better than anything I have taken before. Since I started taking Metaburn I've lost more weight than ever before. Great product.


I started taking Metaburn 1wk ago with a planned exercise regime and diet. The results I've had have exceeded what I would have expected with just exercise and a good diet – I've lost just under 3lbs!! Highly recommend Metaburn! Great results!

Brian Wheeler

Best thermogenic formula I've had. I recently bought Maximuscle's thermobol and found it was absolutely useless. It did nothing except make me feel a little bit jittery like I had just had a strong coffee. Metaburn is totally differernt - it doesn't have loads of added caffeine so I haven't been experiencing any jitteriness. The active ingredients have been shifting and burning fat really effectively for me.

Jia Wei

I compared the ingredients and prices of many different weight loss pills before buying. Metaburn has the most active ingredients and in my opinion, the most important ones too - green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones and green tea extract and at a good price compared to if your bought them seperately. Glad I gave it a try, 5 stars.

Peggy Horton

Only 2 weeks and I've lost over 4lbs! This is such a fantastic weight loss aid. I've been recommending it to everyone I know. Try it!


I bought Metaburn to help me lose that stubborn layer of fat on my stomach to help me improve definition. This has been really effective. Each week I can see a real difference in the mirror. My abs and chest look so much more defines and I'm even more lean than before.

Hamish Knowles

I was hesitant about buying this because its more expensive than other weight loss pills on the market but I heard about the hype surrounding METABURN and decided to try it out. I have to say that I have had some great results from using this, I feel energetic and I know I'm burning fat faster with this pill. Its well worth the extra pennies.


I've been taking this three times a day every day. I have loads more energy, I can exercise longer and I've lost over 9 lbs with this. Definitely will be buying a second tub.