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A Practical Guide On Muscle Building Split Workouts

Publish date: 20/07/2013

Majority of people are looking for guidance in weight loss tips and techniques. But there are some who are looking for guidance in gaining weight and adding muscle to their thin bodies. Muscle building exercises or workouts are the key components to achieving a desired weight.

Many certified trainers recommend splitting for workouts to add ideal weight in certain parts of the body to get a chiselled physical form.

What does "split" mean in muscle-building technique?

In simple terms, the word "split" means "divide". In muscle-building routine splitting refers to isolating your body parts to divide workouts for those different body parts on different days of a week. During splitting sessions you give special attention to split parts to specialise in building muscle in that specific part.

It is important that you divide your muscle groups for effective split training. For split training muscle groups are generally divided as chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs and abdominal muscles. Small muscle groups get worked more regularly and large muscle groups get worked twice or thrice a week with a check on the daily volume of sets. There are definite advantages in following certain rules while practicing your split training routine.

To start it is good to understand some basic training rules in splitting:

Basic rules:

  • Know your body's weak spots - Each one's genetic structure varies from the other. It is best to know your strong and weak points so that you can design your split training routine to direct more focus to strengthen those weak spots.
  • Work out from larger muscles groups down to smaller muscle groups - It is always better to train the larger or major muscle groups before you take on the smaller muscles. Larger muscles include chest, back and legs. Smaller muscles consist of biceps, triceps and shoulders. Smaller muscles give support for your main lifts such as the squat, bench press, military press, etc. When you do splitting with these muscles first, they get tired and therefore cannot to help develop your pecs, lats or quads.
  • Get ample rest - Rest and training are equally important. Many people have the impression that training for longer periods even at the cost of enough sleep would maximise muscle growth. But the fact is it is only while sleeping that anabolic growth hormone (GH) levels reach their greatest levels to enhance growth.
  • Uphold a high level of intensity - Whatever your goal is you must hold on to your intensity level at the highest. The main aim of training is to trim your muscles and allow them to develop larger and stronger. While training for greatest power, it is best to keep rep schemes lower, say no more than 6-8 reps per set. To get a greater shape keep your rep schemes higher. Whether higher or lower, it is necessary to keep up a high intensity to reach your goal.

Split routines vary from day-to-day. Popular methods include the "upper/lower" split and the "push/pull" split. You can alternate these between training your upper and lower body.

Worldwide experts suggest splitting when it comes to muscle building. With high intensity and healthy routine, full body training does produce astonishing results.

Author: Susie