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Avoid The Seven Deadly Muscle Building Sins

Publish date: 20/07/2013

Muscles can rule the world but not without the mind. What that simply means is that we need to be clear in our mind about how to govern our own body.

In the following article I shall elaborate on the mistakes most people make when they hit the gym.

Sin 1: Envy- Evaluating yourself according to the next person

Life inside the gym is just like life outside it, where comparisons with other people are futile and can infact be harmful.

Instead of comparing yourself or your progress with the next man, find out more about his diet, supplements and exercise regime. Lastly, everyone has a purpose of training and his could be very different from yours.

Build a regime according to your needs and body structure and stick to that.

Sin2: Anger/Wrath leading to High Stress Levels

Working out when you are under a lot of stress can be very dangerous. When we are angry, we often get careless and a mistake made while weight-training can be fatal for the body. Your complete attention needs to be in the exercises.

Another reason why low stress levels are needed is because of Cortisol. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone which blocks the pain response. It also catabolises muscle tissue for energy and that just defeats our purpose of muscle training.

If you had a stressful day, you could help yourself to a bit of chocolate. Chocolate has endorphins which counteract the effect of Cortisols produced during stress. It is also important to have timely and nutritious meals.  Be in the company of positive cheerful people and try to forgive those who have upset you.

Sin 3: Greed - Desiring all, immediately

Like in every walk of life, patience in gym proves to be a virtue. There are no shortcuts to attaining those muscles.

If you do not get desirable results after a few weeks into your program, you could make a few adjustments in your routine but it’s important to hang on to the program.

Sin4: Obsession - An insatiable lust for more

Being sincere towards your regime is good but obsession with working out and getting more muscles is clearly unhealthy.  It is essential to strike a proper balance in every part of your life including your fitness regime and nutritional intake.

Sin 5: - Sloth/Laziness

It takes hard work to build muscles and laziness would only prove to be an obstacle. A mere presence or a few exercises in the gym are not going to be of any help. You need to be committed to your routine and put your heart and soul into those reps or sets.

Catch yourself if you are being lazy and move past it.

Sin6: - Gluttony - Tendency to overtrain

This arises out of the “I want it all” attitude. And in this obsession you end up spending mindless hours in the gym. Your muscles, joints, ligaments and even nervous system and hormones need rest after an intensive session. Ideally, you should rest for 24-48 hours before you hit the gym again.

Overtraining would increase the level of stress, hamper performance, set in boredom and can even lead to serious injury. Here moderation is the key to success.

Sin7: - Pride - Going on an Ego trip

One’s ego is best left at the gym door. Boasting and subsequently trying to do more reps or lifting more weights would only harm the body. It is not about quantity but quality.

Hope you use this as a reference whenever you spot a sin in your life.