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Build A Bigger Bench Press 20 Tips To Improve Your Bench Press Strength

Publish date: 20/07/2013

Still trying hard to increase the bench press numbers? There are very few lifters who can easily bench press huge amount of weights while most lifters struggle with reps of 225 pounds. Let’s take a look at 20 tips that will help you to increase your bench press numbers remarkably.

Tip #1 – Patience is a virtue

When you begin bench pressing, you need to understand that you cannot start with 250 pounds from day one. You need to start with the bare minimum, which could be any number that you are comfortable with. Gradually add 20 pounds each month.

Tip #2 – Keep Your Feet Firm

One of the keys to bench press success is your leg drive. Feet movement should be bare minimum. Keep them firmly planted on the ground and in a position that offers more power and leverage. This will help lifters increase their bench pressing numbers.

Tip #3 – Bar Rowing

Rowing the bar is essential! You need to row it inwards closer to your chest. It will help you achieve a tight back, which is essential for maintaining a good form.

Tip #4 – Strengthen Your Back

Building up back strength, while training for bench press is critical. If you have a powerful back then it will help you during the pressing drive and will also ensure that there are no injuries. You need to understand that push and pull movements are both important and you cannot ignore either of them as they can create muscular imbalances.

Tip #5 – Squat Rack

Have you tried bench pressing in a squat rack? Try now! You need to push the pins at a safe depth so that the bar remains an inch below chest level especially when you fail a rep. Avoid the smith machine if there are no squat racks and no spotters as well.

Tip #6 – Squeezing The Bar

Once you have found your grip, try squeezing the bar pretending to bend the bar ends inwards and more towards your feet. This will ensure your elbows are in position and also help in keeping the upper body strong and tight.

Tip #7 – Don’t hurry!

Don’t try to be in a hurry to complete all your sets or reps. Take some time out between heavy sets. You can rest for 2-5 minutes especially after an intense workout.

Tip #8 – Remember to warm up!

It is important that you warm up before lifting weights otherwise you could risk straining your muscles and even cause serious damage. So the magical words are – Warm up before each set and move up in smaller increments!

Tip #9 – Eat Well!

If you are lifting for strength then stop worrying about your abs and stop under-eating. Your focus should be on the daily protein and calorie intake that can help you in building muscle or strength.

Tip #10 – Stop trying to Reach Max!

You should stop trying to reach your max in every workout session. Choose you rep range and then simply enjoy! Focus on around 6-12 reps per set as this will help you in building strength.

Tip #11 – Focus on the Triceps

Don’t forget the triceps! You need to remember that when you are bench pressing, the triceps are also at work. Triceps need to be powerful for strong pressing.  If you are working directly on your triceps then opt for quality compound exercises like board pressing and close grip bench pressing.

Tip #12 – The First Lift

Devote all your strength and energy first in bench pressing and then on other exercises.

Tip #13 – Eyes on the Ceiling

Once you have un-racked the bar, focus on the ceiling. Choose a spot. After completing each rep, ensure your bar is back at the chosen spot on the ceiling.

Tip #14 – Your Focus

Remember, you need to train for the lift and not for the muscles. Focus only on the chest will take away your attention from form. So focus more on the form!

Tip #15 – Avoid Flaring Your Arms

One of the biggest bench pressing mistakes is flaring your arms. This is not good for the shoulders, strength and form. Your elbows need to be at 45 degrees from your body.

Tip #16 – Focus on Proper Alignment

Proper alignment is important. Keep your forearms perpendicular to the floor if the bar is at chest level. Your wrists should also be directly over your elbow with knuckles pointing outwards at the ceiling.

Tip #17 – Explosive Force

If you need to increase your power, you need speed, speed can happen only with explosive force. Don’t go soft with each rep up; instead use explosive force to press the bar.

Tip #18 – Work on your weak points

Identify your weak points. Are you facing a hard time completing each rep? Train for your weaknesses. Facing a weak lockout? Go for pin presses or board presses.

Tip #19 –Rear Delts and Traps

Don’t lose focus on the rear delts and traps. Remember that weaker upper body muscles can be a limitation on pressing power.

Tip #20 – Check videos to gain perspective

There are hundreds of videos of power-lifting up to 800 to 1000 pounds over the internet. Check the videos and try to achieve a 300-pound raw bench press.