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A long period of play, the physical attributes of the game and different requirements of each field position in a cricket game can be quite challenging for the body. There are a number of common attributes that all players must have to stand in the field for longer hours. The most important is the focus and ability of a cricket player to stay energised till the end of the game. The player may be called into at any time during the play, and then he needs to make sure that he is active and agile.

Players also need to be strong, powerful and should have an excellent level of stamina and endurance. They need hard training that will help in every aspect of fitness. They should rest well and eat properly after every game and each training session that will help in their recovery process. Even within the game also, players are required to recover effectively between the different sessions of play.

Helpful Tips

Players should follow a strong nutritional strategy to maintain focus and energy level all through the game.

Maintain High Energy Level

Like other sports, cricket is a highly challenging game, requiring players to remain agile and active throughout the period of play. Carbohydrates are one of the major sources of energy for cricket players, which help in maintaining a high level of energy throughout the match. If the consumption is low, it will affect the performance and reduce the physical capabilities of the player. There are various supplements comprising carbohydrates that will provide continuous energy and are perfect before, during and after the play.

Dehydration can badly hamper the performance level in cricket and so it is advisable to regularly drink sports drinks throughout the game to remain hydrated. The electrolyte content present in these sports drinks provides a replacement for the salts lost during sweating in the game.

Energy to Help in Recovery and Growth

Cricket is a game that lasts several hours and involves much physical activity. A lot of energy is drained in the process, and it becomes necessary for players to restore the lost energy and boost energy levels to counter the stress on the field. A sound and efficient recovery programme should be followed to replenish the body with carbohydrates and protein. Some recovery supplement should be taken immediately after the game and between sessions for a greater level of strength.

Help Improve Performance

A cricket player should take a well-balanced and healthy diet. They should include various supplements that can help them increase their concentration and focus in the game. Dietary supplements help increase their ability to hit the ball hard or bowl with great strength. These ensure powerful movements and help players to recover quickly between the movements.

Take Good Care of Your Body

All cricket players spend a very long time on the ground and they need to be physically active all the time. This puts a serious impact on their joints and bones. It becomes essential for them to take a complete vitamin supplement daily. These supplements help boost the immune system and offer more protection for tired and strained joints. These also help to speed up the recovery process.