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Do you want to go for the most brutal training system.

Publish date: 06/05/2013

There has been a lot of buzz about the latest style of training that is known as Chaos and Pain training on the internet.  While the term seems to have spread far and wide on the internet most do not really understand what it is all about. Body builders do not believe there is such a training method but it refers to a 100% hardcore brutal training system which consists of constant use of heavy weights and doing bizarre things that most people would not do to enhance muscle growth.  The training style involves pain and severity all the time while training.

As Aristotle says, excellence is possible only with training and we are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence is more a habit than simply an act.

Bodybuilding is all about training and habituation as Aristotle had said.  Since there is no particular definition of chaos and pain training system, we can interpret it simply as ‘Hard core training.’ Hard core training does not tend to cause pain but it does make the trainer work harder and harder.

How do we differentiate between a regular and hardcore bodybuilder?

Hard core trainers are even more dedicated and loyal towards their training than an ordinary body builder. When the reps start to get really hard and tough, when muscles ache and breathing becomes hard, your mind tells you to stop.  While a regular person stops at this point, the hardcore bodybuilder will not.  He keeps pushing hard.  Hardcore is mastery over your training at the cost of stress and strain.  Tom Platz, Casey Viator and Mike Mentzer are a few of the popular hardcore training gurus.

Let's get to the basics of hardcore training -

  1. Exercise each muscle once a week
  2. consume a healthy diet – nutritious food high in Protein
  3. Do an endurance or high volume exercise for each body part
  4. Learn the proper methods of exercises
  5. push yourself harder for best results
  6. do compound and isolation exercises
  7. use free weights for the most part
  8. include compound exercises as your base workout

Many of the workout programs promise a changed look and better life in a short period.  All these programs may not work for everyone who is into bodybuilding.  But this is not altogether impossible if one is to take an honest and serious effort.  A severe hardcore exercise plan can make it happen.  An understanding of the pros and cons of hardcore training may help one to decide on taking on the rough path.

  • While they help you to see faster results and help you follow a regular routine, they are not easy particularly for beginners.
  • Injury can occur if these exercises are not done under proper instruction and supervision.
  • They demand more time and effort than the regular programmes.
  • Only Dedication and hard work which are the driving factors can land you in a place with the masters of hardcore body builders.

If you want fast and best results go for it.  Is it for you?  You decide!

Author: Frank