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How Athletes Use Sports Nutrition To Improve Performance

Publish date: 20/07/2013

Nutritional supplements are intended to supplement the diet of athletes. More attention is being given to nutritional needs and training of athletes. Now various aspects of sports nutrition are considered by athletes and their nutritionists.

  • Quantity:  The amount of food that the athlete is eating.
  • Quality:  What type of nutrients he is taking, such as carbohydrates, proteins or fat.
  • Nutrient timing:  Researchers have also realised that the nutrient timing plays an important role in improving the size, power and strength of bodybuilders and athletes.

If nutrients are eaten, more particularly before and after the workout, it could help in muscle repair and recovery and, would work better for the growth of muscle. Carbohydrates taken after exercise are absorbed more rapidly by muscles than taken at other times. Athletes take a rapidly absorbing protein drink, such as Promax, before the workout and a carbohydrate rich drink, such as Progain or Recovermax after their workout.

  • Right nutrients:  It is necessary to feed your body with right nutrients after taking your exercise. You will able to recover your lost energy much faster and will be ready for your next session soon.

    • Creatine is widely used by athletes and those involved in sports that require speed, strength and power. It helps in boosting performance during repeated sessions of high intensity exercise. According to a survey, in the 1996 Olympic Games, creatine was used by 8 out of 10 athletes.  It is a natural substance found in many food items, such as tuna, salmon and beef.  It also gets destroyed by cooking and becomes less effective in the body. That is why, many athletes also depend upon on sports nutrition products that have creatine.
    • Whey protein is a natural, pure and high quality protein derived from milk. It contains no lactose, fat or carbohydrate. It is a complete protein and contains all the required amino acids. It helps in improving the body composition and boosting the performance. It is also a rich source of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) which help in repairing and rebuilding lean muscle tissues. Whey is easily digestible and provides rapid nourishment to muscles. It also helps in maintaining a strong immune system by increasing the glutathione (antioxidant) levels in the body.  It helps in keeping an athlete strong and healthy.
    • Energy Drinks: It has been found that even a little amount of dehydration is sufficient to harm the performance of a well-conditioned athlete. To avoid such type of circumstances, most athletes, particularly those engaged in events like cycling and long-distance running, depend on energy drinks. Even the footballers and rugby players also take the sports drinks at half interval or during any break in play.
      Energy drinks are superior to water for taking during exercise. Because these energy drinks contain electrolytes (like sodium), carbohydrates and protein. The sodium stimulates thirst and increases the ability of body to retain water. Carbohydrates supply more energy and protein helps to recover the muscle loss.

These products offer you the right amount of nutrients needed by your body. Protein powders, meal replacements, weight gainers and carbohydrate drinks are categorised as 'healthy fast food,' which lack excessive calories, unhealthy sugars and saturated fat.

The developments in sports nutrition is not reserved for few but thousands of regular gym takers and others all over the country are also benefitting from the advances in sports nutrition, which help in building more muscle, recover faster, feel strong and improve their performance in the gym or sporting ground.

Author: Mark