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Fat Loss

How To Get Ripped Muscles

Publish date: 20/07/2013

Want to get ripped muscles? Go for isolation exercises, compound exercises, and strength training exercises. These exercises with a strict diet plan and if done in routine can help you in getting your desired ripped muscles.

  • Bodyweight Exercises- You does require any equipment to practice bodyweight exercises. Most of the bodyweight exercises are combine exercises that work with two or more muscles at same time. These exercises also help you to build up your strength. You should form a work out regime that involves exercises that work your whole body. You can do upper body exercises, such as pull-ups, planks, and pushups. Other helpful lower bodyweight exercises include lunges, squats, and calf raises. You can also try crunches to get ripped abs and it is also one of the most effective and helpful core workouts.
  • Split Training- It should be used to focus on one group of muscles during one training session and another group of muscles in the next session. You can increase your workout sessions in three or more shifts. There are no specific methods to practice split training and you can organise and follow it according to your requirements.  Split training method consists of upper and lower body split. You can practice split training by this method like work your full upper body on the first day and rest of the entire lower body on the second day. You can also add a third split to get faster results.
  • Weight Training- You can build muscle mass with the help of weight training. To achieve ripped muscles in a short period of time you should combine compound movements with weight training. Deadlifts are also helpful to work the core, shoulders, back, and legs. Your hamstrings, quads, and glutes get a strong workout when you press-up with the weight. You can also practice bench press, which also helps you to get ripped pecs while also shaping your shoulders and arms. Also use a leg press weight machine to get calf muscles and big quads. You can also use chest flys with dumbbells to develop fast forearms and biceps.
  • Diet and Nutrition- Diet also plays an important role in providing strength and also helps in getting ripped muscles. You should eat a balanced diet of proteins to promote muscle growth carbohydrates to provide energy, vitamins for and minerals for healthy bones and organs and fats for energy, to absorb vitamins and for cell growth. You should eat 90% of protein and 10% of fats in your daily meal. You should eat chicken and lean meats to get proper amount of fats, proteins and other nutrients. It is also important to remember to include green leafy vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Before taking any protein supplements, you must consult to your doctor or dietician.

One of the most important tip is that don’t go for any muscle growing drugs and pills because they may have a negative impact on your health. The best way to get ripped muscles is by doing a lot of exercise with the combination of a healthy balanced diet.

Author: Susie