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Improve Strength With Conditioning

Publish date: 20/07/2013

No time for conditioning? Think again.

It is a common misconception with powerlifters and athletes that conditioning can relatively lower their muscle strength or adversely affect their shape however conditioning helps your body to work out longer and recover faster by increasing your physical fitness. It is also worth mentioning that conditioning does not mean exerting excessive pressure on yourself by throwing up or being breathless, it is a subtle way of working out so as to improve your shape and shorten your recovery period.

Never try to rush into conditioning, remember to keep it easy. It is advisable to start with one session of conditioning each week and gradually working up as per your stamina. You will see that with proper conditioning, you will cut down on the rest time and pant less, it can definitely help you achieve your peak strength.

Types of Conditioning Exercises

Here are a few conditioning regimens you would want add to your workout session:

  • Walking

    This is considered one of the best and easiest methods of conditioning. You can walk outside as well as on the treadmill as per your time and convenience, though walking outside can release some of your stress. Starting off with a brisk 20-30 minutes’ walk every week can be ideal as a starter.

  • Cycling

    Cycling does not exert excessive stress on joints and can be a refreshing way of conditioning. You can start with 20 minutes of cycling each week and then move on to gradually increasing the time.

  • Hill Sprints

    Go for Hill Sprints only when you know you are in a very good shape, it can be fruitful to powerlifters in increasing the work load and decreasing rest time. Hill sprints would require you to find a hill nearby and run up the slope of the hill as fast as possible. You can start with 10-15 yards of sprinting a week and then gradually move on to 25 with time. It is advisable not to go more than 40 yards per sprint as it could drain a lot of energy at once.
    Sprints can also be done on flat grounds while you are walking every few minutes; this is a part of advanced conditioning.

  • Sled Pulls

    Sled pulling has gained popularity nowadays and can be done on your workout days or off days. Buying an expensive sled is similar to tying a rope from one of your weights and using that for your exercise, it is easy on your pocket as well as equally effective. Dragging heavy-weight sleds can decrease your strength in the gym, so do not over do the pulling; 10 minutes a week would be enough for starters.

  • Barbell Complexes

    Barbell Complexes are for athletes of excellent shape. This can be done by light weights and continuously doing a set of exercise without resting or letting go of the barbell.

As you have now been well informed about the pros and types of conditioning, do not miss out on the opportunity to increase your stamina by adding a routine of conditioning to your workout. Remember to take it slow and never over-strive as you condition. Happy Gyming!

Author: Jennifer