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Know Your Supplement Truths Apart from the Myths

Publish date: 20/07/2013

The world of fitness supplements is always coming up with new theories, advice and suggestions. Such a plethora of statements and theories often confuse people and at times they are also contradictory. Add to this the myths that are created by people with half baked knowledge and you have the ever confusing world of supplements. When you are preparing to start with some serious training and are keen to choose the right supplements fro your workout, it is important that you are able to tell the myth apart from the truths. The present article tries to give you the truth regarding some of the most common myths surrounding supplements that do the rounds in the gym circle. We have tried to give you the real picture against the popular myths.

Myth: Taking Supplements is a Waste of Money

Truth: You need to choose carefully. There are a lot of excellent supplements that are available in the market that actually aid and boost your muscle building and overall fitness efforts. They will work wonderfully if you follow the workout routine, nutrition guide and the advice of your fitness instructor properly. And No, they are not a waste of money. However there are some agencies that promise you the earth without efforts, which, as expected, are false claims. Do not get fooled by unrealistic-results-for-minimal-efforts advertisements and sales pitches and you won’t be wasting your money.

Myth: Supplements Cause Adverse Side Effects

Truth: Most supplements are a combination of ingredients that are naturally found in our bodies or the food we take. They are mostly safe and when taken in right doses under proper supervision, cause very little adverse side effects.

Myth: You Don’t Need Supplements if You Eat a Balanced Diet

Truth: A balanced diet is good for your body and is a good way to start taking care of it. However it might not ensure that all your nutritional needs are satisfied. Your needs may vary according to your exercise regime, stress levels, age, etc. Supplements help to bridge the gap when your daily diet falls short of meeting your body’s nutritional needs.

Myth:Protein supplements are Unhealthy and They Make You Fat

Truth: Protein supplements do not make you gain weight if taken in appropriate doses. Neither have they been proved to be unhealthy for a normal healthy person with proper kidney functions.Protein supplements actually help you gain muscles when combined with proper exercise routine and a diet low in protein will make it difficult for you to add to your muscles.

Myth: Creatine Is A Steroid and it Causes Kidney Damage and Muscle Cramps

Truth: Creatine is in no way a steroid. It is actually a substance that is naturally created by our bodies primarily to help supply energy to the tissue, muscle tissue in particular. It is not like steroids that are taken to enhance performance by mimicking the effects of excess testosterone. It does not cause kidney damage for people who have healthy functioning kidney and renal system. Neither does it cause muscle cramp. In fact studies (Mayhew, Mayhew, and Ware) have shown that sportsmen who use creatine supplements actually experience lesser muscle cramps, strains and tightness.

Myth : Supplements Will Help you Gain Muscle Even if you Don’t Train

Truth: Supplements will only help and aid in your muscle building efforts. They cannot replace your workout routine. They will help you in the process by lowering muscle fatigue recovery time, training stress, adding to your immunity powers, but can never replace the actual process of muscle building, which is by exercising regularly.

Myth: Fat Burning Supplements are Useless

Truth: Fat Burning Supplements do help in weight loss when combined with proper cardio and weight training. They contain ingredients that boost your metabolism and thus aid your efforts to shed weight.

Myth: You Don’t Need to take Supplements for Omega-3 Fatty Acids Since the Body Produces Enough on its Own

Truth: Our Body does not produce omega-3 fatty acids by itself. The fact that they are Essential Fatty Acids, indicates that hey body cannot produce it on its own. It is important to take Supplements to meet the need for essential omega-3 fatty acids, especially for active individuals and also for those who are a stringent diet. .

Myth: All Supplements Are the Same and Everyone Get Same Results for Everyone

Truth: All Supplements are not the same. Different brands might have different standards and may be using slightly differing raw materials in terms of quality and purity. Check out the specifications well before you buy them to get exactly what you want. Also, supplements will provide different results with different individuals since no two people are same, they have different constitutions, they eat differently and also train differently.