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Fat Loss

Losing Fat Without Losing Muscle

Publish date: 20/07/2013

Are you looking for tips regarding losing fat, which will help to cut extra pounds around your belly? Well, your search for effective weight loss tips ends here. Here are some of the most effective weight loss tips, which have been tried and tested by many.

  • Everyone who desires to lose fat without losing muscle will have to make some serious changes in their habits and lifestyle. Setting realistic goals is undoubtedly the first step in the process. You can write down your aims on paper and check of each one as you achieve each goal to ensure that you stick to your weight loss plan.
  •  Plan your everyday meal based on eating more complete protein, with a combination of carbohydrates. If you are just starting on your weight loss regimen, you can try fish, turkey, skinless chicken, and lean red meat.
  • Proteins also play an important role in burning excessive fat and improving body composition. These inhibit your belief of being hungry, helping make you feel satisfied for longer. Eating more and more proteins to lose fat is a helpful approach to stick to your diet program. It is advised to take lean protein in your daily diet for losing fat, which also provides you with quick results. 
  • Stop eating junk foods, oily foods, and fried foods, which offer poor nutritional value. A balanced diet with the combination of exercises and workouts is the key to losing fat and getting a lean body.
  • Consume more and more water daily. Water flushes away unwanted fats and toxins from your body. It is advised to drink at least eight glasses of water daily to get better results. Drinking more water will make you feel more full which is helpful to reduce overeating.
  • Apples and berries also play a great role in helping lose extra fat around your body. You can consume superberries, such as strawberries, currants and raspberries, because they can boost your metabolism and burn fat.
  • Take five or six small meals a day, instead of taking three bigger meals. This will boost your metabolism rate and aid appetite suppression. It helps burn excessive fat without any extra physical effort.
  • Control your calorie consumption that you consume in your daily intakes. This approach will help cut down binging and snacking, which will help you lose fat.
  • You can also practice aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging, swimming and running. A healthy balanced diet, which has nutrients and fibre, is more helpful for losing fat.
  • Exercising regularly along with the diet regime is the most effective way to better your health and for losing fat. Exercise can also improve your flexibility, stamina, mental state and physical fitness.

Author: Jimmy