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Metaburn® combines a powerful trinity of powerful biologically active fat burning agents that work synergistically to accelerate fat loss like no other product.


Green Tea has been used as a therapeutic agent since ancient times. It is only recently that scientific research has established the biological pathways through which active chemical compounds in Green Tea act to create a positive effect. Metaburn has harnessed the power of this natural ingredient by including a concentrated Green Tea extract as part of our unique formulation. Green Tea is favoured as a health drink due to its powerful antioxidant properties that protect against harmful free radical damage. The active chemical agents in Green Tea which have a weight loss effect are Polyphenols. The Green Tea Extract in Metaburn contains 90% Polyphenols, making it a potent concentrated source of the active ingredient. It helps to detoxify the body which enables efficient energy use and boosts metabolism to amplify weight loss.


Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract and Raspberry Ketones are currently the most popular slimming supplements available. These three effective ingredients have come into popular use through research conducted into each of the three which has led to the discovery of the potent active ingredients that activate physiological pathways to accelerate fat loss.Metaburn is the revolutionary new thermogenic aid that combines these three bio active,natural ingredients in one powerful pill.

Green Coffee Bean Extract has rapidly become one of the world's most popular slimming product. Whilst coffee is commonly drunk by people all over the world, the huge fat burning potential of coffee is lost due to the preparation of coffee granules for consumption. Following harvest of coffee beans, they are dried and roasted to intensify the coffee flavour to ensure your cup of coffee has a strong, powerful taste. During the roasting process, the high temperatures used to prepare the coffee beans causes degradation of many of the active chemicals present in coffee beans.

The green coffee beans that are in a raw, unprocessed form have their full chemical profile intact. It is from these freshly harvested coffee beans that Green Coffee Bean Extract is produced. Many scientific studies have been conducted into the mechanism of action of Green Coffee Bean Extract and it has been found that the active ingredient is Chlorogenic Acid. This powerful active ingredient slows the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal and thereby stimulates utilization of stored fat. Results from studies have confirmed the fat burning properties of Green Coffee Bean Extract; the percentage body fat reduced by 4.4% over a 22 week period of use. 


Raspberry Ketones have rocketed into the headlines as a powerful weight loss supplement.This natural ingredient is extracted from a range of superberries including raspberries,blackberries and cranberries. It has been found that raspberry ketones not only aid in losing weight, but can help repair cell damage to aid recovery. Raspberry Ketones have been shown to be most effective alongside exercise to boost metabolism and fat mobilisation to aid weight loss.

In addition to these key ingredients, Metaburn contains a scientifically formulated combination of powerful active ingredients that have been well documented to aid weight loss. Our unique combination amplifies the effect of the key ingredients in Metaburn to produce one of the most powerful thermogenic blends available.