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Metaburn contains a unique thermogenic fat burning formula, with key ingredients including raspberry ketones, green coffee, green tea, cla and clinically researched Sinetrol. These unique ingredients are loved by celebrities the world over including Oprah Winfrey & Kim Kardashian.

Mail Online

Body Confident Holly Hagan Puts
Her Slimline Figure On Display!

Holly Hagan has been showing off her newly slimline figure on her current vacation in Ibiza.

'There's been a lot of pressure on me for four years now and I always felt like the bigger one on the show and I got the most stick for it. I'm in Ibiza now and it's the first time I've felt confident enough to go out in a bikini.'

Holly has undergone a dramatic transformation after taking her health into her own hands. After swapping late night booze sessions and kebabs, with lean meat and vegetables, the reality star is at her lowest weight since she was in her mid-teens.

She explains: 'I'm a lower weight now than I was when I was 15... It's just nice to walk around and not have people say things about your weight.

"I'm a big fan of the Kardashians and
I love Oprah, and I'd heard from them
both that they'd contributed to their
weight loss with these Raspberry Ketone supplements that speed up your metabolism"

Roxanne Pallett
(Emerdale actress)

Luisaa star of The Apprentice and Big Brother used Raspberry Ketones to get rid of her jelly belly & Demi Moore, Katy Perry and J-LO are all big fans of Green Coffee.

Get Michelle Keegan's bikini body with this cheat guide

Michelle Keegan's beach body was more catwalk than cobbles this week, as she took the top spot in a poll on the best celebrity bikini body, beating Rihanna and Kelly Brook to the accolade.

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Ok First For Celebrity News

Ok First For Celebrity NewsGet a Toned Tummy like a Celeb

Forget the headliners; the star physique of Glastonbury's summer line up last weekend was undoubtedly Ellie Goulding, as she flashed the flesh down at Worthy farm, revealing a toned stomach as her best festival accessory.

But surely a six pack is out of the question for us mere mortals? Well, with a few key exercises and diet changes, it could be easier than you might imagine. We've asked Personal Trainer and Outdoor Fitness Expert for Metaburn.co.uk, Rob Jones to give us the low down on five top tips for a killer midriff.


Summer beauty secrets of the starsSummer beauty secrets of the stars

"I'm a big fan of the Kardashians and I love Oprah, and I'd heard from them both that these Raspberry Ketone supplements that speed up your metabolism really contributed to their weight loss."MetaBurn® contains a unique combination of Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea extract and Green Coffee Bean. £39.99 for 60 tablets From www.metaburn.co.uk

Female First

Ok First For Celebrity NewsHow to get a toned stomach

Celebs are forever flaunting their flat, toned stomachs – but can us mere mortals ever get the same effect?

Of course we can, it's just going to take time and dedication.

With a few key exercises and diet changes you could be on your way to a toned midriff.

Personal trainer and outdoor fitness expert for Metaburn.co.uk, Rob Jones gives us the low down on five top tips for a killer midriff.

Now you can keep slim just like the celebrities with Metaburn Fat Burner.