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Power Lifting

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Power lifting involves three main lifts; deadlift, squat and bench press. Players from different power lifting categories compete with their opponents and try to lift the heaviest weight. Power lifting requires exercises and training techniques that help to increase power and strength.

It is necessary for all power lifters to keep their fat level minimum. Players should practice some aerobic exercises to maintain the minimum fat level. The heavy training required by players to maximise their strength and power can place the body under great stress. It may even cause wear and tear of some muscles, overburden the skeletal system and drain out the energy stores in the body. The power lifters should follow exact diet and regular training. They should take some nutritious sports supplements which can offer short bursts of energy and make the best use of their strength.

Helpful Tips

Energy to muscles and body:

Whatever the category or power lifting programme, after every session, it is necessary to fuel the body and provide energy for muscles. Like other sports, carbohydrates are the main source of energy and are required to maintain muscle glycogen concentration level. Low level of concentration badly affects performance. Players can take supplements which provide a source of Low GI carbohydrates before they start training, as this will provide a constant supply of energy. They can also take some fast ingesting protein drink supplement before exercise. When players indulge in hard-core exercise, proteins stored in the muscles are consumed by the body. It is necessary that the players take high protein supplements to avoid damage to the muscle tissues. This will also help in growth.

Fuel to aid recovery and help growth:

Power lifters need nutrition between different sessions and after training to recover because during this time they need a great level of strength. Even the muscle glycogen stores need to be replenished with sufficient protein to stop muscle breakdown. There are recovery supplements that provide a good combination of protein and carbohydrates and supply complete nutrition to the body.

Take good care of the body:

Powerlifters perform a lot of work which put a lot of stress on their immune system and body. For quick recovery they need a complete and efficient vitamin supplement. The super multi-vitamin supplements help in flushing out unwanted toxins from the body and improve the rate of recovery needed after intense physical exercise.