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Remember to Care for the Basics before you Focus on Muscle Building

Publish date: 20/07/2013

Many a time people who are focused on muscle building do not quite pay attention to overall health and growth. Now, you could be confused as to how someone who is doing muscle training can possibly not take care of his overall health. However, it is quite possible and is not so uncommon either. People who are out there building muscles, sculpting their bodies and vying for that perfect body are mostly high on muscle building supplements to help them get quicker results. What they forget is that the body is not only about muscles and there are other enabling factors that contribute to your overall health and also to muscle health. While they concentrate on exercising, eating and taking supplements that help in muscle growth, they at times neglect other aspects that drive overall growth and balance. They take regular doses of protein powder and creatine but forget to take multivitamins or healthy fats. This neglect ultimately causes harm to the body they toil so hard to sculpt and love so much.

Basic Supplements are also Very Important for a Healthy and Beautiful Body

While muscle building is important and vital for you to look good and feel good, one should probably start with building the basic blocks that drive the overall functions of the body. So when you think supplements, start with basic supplements that help build overall health. Supplements that provide your body with necessary minerals and vitamins that keeps you going in the long run, supplements that boosts your body’s circulatory functions, boosts your immune system and boosts your brain function. It is also important to ensure regular intake of essential fatty acids that are essential for a plethora of physiological processes and also help you look and feel younger. So think of multivitamins, joint health supplements, fish oils, etc. alongside creatine and whey protein. This will provide building blocks for your body, make it strong from inside and prepare it for the strenuous routine that you will put it through to amass the muscled look you always wanted. Unless you do that you are creating pitfalls for your body and the signs will show up as you start ageing.

Different Kinds of Basic Supplements for General Health

Some of the most important basic supplements include the following:

  • Multivitamin

    Vitamins are an important and essential ingredient for smooth functioning of physiological processes of our body. They influence aspects and processes such as immunity, growth, reproduction, muscle contraction, etc. people who are active and are regular with weight training and resistance training routines need higher proportions of vitamins and minerals than a sedentary individual. This is because training depletes the vitamin store of the body and it needs to be replenished so that ensure easy recover from strenuous exercise. This makes multivitamin supplements essential for active people. The vitamins help cover any gaps in your diet.

  • Healthy Fats and Essential Fatty Acids

    Healthy fats are important to us since they are essential to proper body functioning, they protect and insulate our organs, provide energy sources, helps in synthesizing hormones, immunity functions, etc. Contradictory as it may sound, they are also vital for muscle building and fat loss. Essential fatty acids are again very important to our body, even though we need them in small proportions. They are essential for improving vitality, brain function and overall health. Good sources of such fatty acids are fish oil, almonds, walnuts, etc.

  • Joint Health Supplement

    Very often you tend to forget that while you put your body through all the strain and stress of rigorous weight or resistance training, it is not only the muscles that are taking all the strain, your joints are also subject to a lot of stress and workout. Every time you do weights, run or cycle, your joints are under pressure and stress. To make sure that your joints keep healthy and don’t end up getting too worked out, it is advisable that you take joint health supplements. These supplements will help protect your joints from the damage and strain of weight training and also aid in swift recovery in case of an injury.

Thus to get best results from your training, you need to ensure that you are focusing not only amassing muscles, but also maintaining overall health of your body. Do consider being regular with basic supplements that are aimed at general health of your body along with the muscle building supplements that you are used to.