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Supplements are Not all Evil

Publish date: 20/07/2013

A lot is said these days about supplements being bad and how one should stay away from them. Some even go on to put them in the same bracket as steroids. Much of this negative opinion stems from lack of knowledge, understanding and myths. However, it is important that you take supplements after doing your research right and also follow appropriate instructions of the product manual or your fitness instructor. Most of the instances of supplements getting bad publicity have been due to improper doses and usage and not because of the products themselves.

Don’t Fall for Unrealistic Claims, Research Your Supplement Before Buying It

Often products make unrealistic promises and end up delivering precious little. But then as a buyer you need to do your research, look at the market reviews, feedback and be realistic in your aspirations. If you really believe a supplement promotion that tells you that you will go from zero to a sculpted Greek god in no time with minimal effort, you are bound to be disappointed. It is important that you take informed decisions and make an educated choice while buying your supplement.

Supplements Provide an Alternative When in Need

There is no denying the fact that supplements are not replacement for real food. a healthy balanced diet is crucial for your overall health and body. But isn’t that the reason that they are called “Supplements” and not “Food”? Supplements help fill-in gaps in your regular diet and help provide the extra boost that is at times needed when you are an active person and really want that extra edge to your fitness or muscle mass. Also, a lot of us these days do not have enough time for a complete healthy meal. In the frenzy of keeping up with the fast paced world all we have time for is a quick protein shake or a health drink or a health bar, that takes very little time to prepare or consume. They are in fact serving as a great alternative to keep your body going even when you can’t manage to have food.

Moreover, there are certain supplements that give you what whole food cannot. Creatine is a good example.  If you were to get creatine that you require for your strenuous workout routine from whole food, it would mean hogging huge amounts of food, which is both inconvenient and unrealistic.  If you take the example of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), our body does not produce omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs and it is crucial that we take them either through food or supplements. Additionally, supplements are also one way many sportsmen keep away from steroids. Though the media mostly says negative things about the industry, much of the claims are not as substantiated as they are made out to be.

Some Staple Supplements that Cannot Go Wrong

To make sure that you get your supplements right you can try to stick to certain basic and staple ones that include creatine, whey protein, multivitamins, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), Essential Fatty Acids (EAFs), some of the Joint Health Supplements and also thermogenics, if required for fat loss routines. All these supplements have a substantial body of research backing them up and dependable information is available on their use, doses and effects.

It is unfortunate that supplements are painted with a broad brush of being bad, unnecessary and harmful by some. In reality, they are great fill-ins for those gaps in your diet and really do help you to get that edge in your muscle workout routine. If you make an informed and educated choice, you will not be disappointed by supplements, rather you will find what you came looking for, the sculpted body that you always dreamt of.