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Swimming uses all the key muscle groups in the body.

All competitive swimmers have to follow a very hard schedule, with tough training sessions and minimum rest breaks between those sessions. The swimmers must have stroke efficiency and physical stamina. A good nutritional diet plan along with a well integrated training schedule is necessary to enable the swimmer to train effectively.

Helpful Tips

Swimmers, like other athletes, need a specific nutrition plan to optimise their performance.

Rapid source of energy to swim:

Swimmers need sufficient carbohydrates to fuel their body and restore the muscle glycogen level after training. Swimmers can take carbohydrate drink supplements before, during and after their workout for great results. These carbohydrate supplements are very effective and provide a rapid source of energy.

Helps in recovery and growth:

Every discipline of swimming needs a lot of energy, as it utilises most of the major muscle groups in the body. Therefore, swimmers are advised to take large amounts of carbohydrates and protein after their workout. They should take some recovery supplements, which are a mix of carbohydrates, protein and a lot of other exceptional ingredients to help in improved recovery, repairing the damage after training and refilling the energy stores.

Keep good care of your body:

Vitamins are very helpful in the recovery process, and help improve health. These also flush out unwanted toxins or free radicals from the body. Complete multi vitamin supplements should be a part of every swimmer's diet. It is also very important for them to take such supplements that are beneficial to avoid injury or illness. They also offer a number of health benefits in the form of reducing blood cholesterol and protecting joints.

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