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The 5-stage Nutrition and Supplements Guide to Get You the Results

Publish date: 20/07/2013

Supplements are great aids to muscle training and can get you the desired results with right doses along with the right exercise routines. It is however important to know when and how to take your supplements. A lot of the people who end up getting low results from their supplements is due to the wrong doses or inappropriate timing. Here we have discussed a 5-stage nutrition programme that maximises your gains from your workout sessions.

As most experts would say, there are 2 broad phases for workout nutrition, viz. energy and recovery. The first phase looks at stacking your body with all the fuel that is required to drive the high energy workout sessions and the second stage looks at recovery and repair by minimizing muscle catabolism.

These 2 phases can be further differentiated into 5 stages:

  • Pre-workout meal (energy phase)
  • Pre-workout supplementation (energy phase)
  • Intra-workout supplementation (both energy and recovery phases)
  • Post-workout supplementation (recovery phase)
  • Post-workout meal (recovery phase)

Pre Workout Meal

Pre- workout meal is usually had around 1-3 hours before your training session. However if you have a high metabolic rate, you can take this 1-1.5 hours before your workout. Pre-workout meal basically provides your body with energy that helps you to train to the 100% of your ability. Your meal should ideally consist of a decent serving of protein like fish, chicken or trimmed red meat and slow digesting carbohydrates from sources like oats, brown rice, potatoes, etc. the carbohydrates are crucial towards slowly releasing the energy that you will require all through the workout.

Pre Workout Supplement

You should take your pre-workout supplement roughly 15-30 minutes before starting training.Your pre workout supplement should include a combination of beta-alanine, arginine and stimulants. This combination will ensure greater blood flow, enhance energy, endurance and help you train harder.

Intra Workout Supplement

As the name suggests, these are supplements that are to be taken during the workout. Amino acids help add energy level, expedite muscle recovery and controls muscle catabolism. Hence you should include a good Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplement here.

Post Workout Supplementation

Post workout supplementation means taking your supplements immediately after your training session. It is argued that post workout supplementation is very crucial to replace vital ingredients and nutrients like protein, amino acids, glycogen, vitamins, etc. that were depleted during the intense workout. This meal helps lower the phenomenon of muscle catabolism by the body and promotes muscle repair and growth. Your post workout supplement should include a combination of whey protein, creatine, glutamine and some fast digesting carbs like waxy maize starch. The proportions could be like 30-40grams of whey protein, 5grams of each of creatine and glutamine and around 70grams of carbs,

Post Workout Meal

The final stage is the post workout meal which you need to have around 1 hour after your training session. This again is a wholesome meal like the pre workout meal that should consist of all necessary ingredients like protein, crabs and good fats. As like the pre workout meal, the protein should be from lean sources and the carbs need to be slow digesting ones.

It is important to remember that the nutrient that you take in the form of your diet and supplements is extremely crucial towards getting you results from your training. If you get your nutrition wrong, no matter how hard you train, you will find it impossible to get where you want to in terms of muscle building and sculpting your body. So watch out for your nutrition, follow this simple 5 stage nutrition guideline and see your results.