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Triathlon is one of the most arduous sports in the world. It combines cycling, swimming and running over different distances. Triathlon players should be well trained and energised.

Helpful Tips

Triathlon is a sport that pushes the body to its greatest physical capacities. Every sport person must be the master of his game. But triathletes must be competent in all three different disciplines of running, swimming and cycling. Even training for the game is difficult and challenging. Training should be such that it creates a balance between the three disciplines, giving importance to overall stamina. Players must maintain their fitness level all through the events. Nutrition is very important for triathletes, as it provides fuel for training as well as competition. If players take a balanced diet and nutritious supplements, they are sure to get good results.

Source of energy to contend

The duration of the game demands a constant supply of energy all through the training and competition. It is very important to replenish the energy stores whenever possible so that the body is able to fulfil the energy requirements. The players should take such carbohydrate supplements, which not only help maintain the energy level but also keep it hydrated throughout.

Assist in the effective recovery and growth

Triathletes have to go through intense training. It is necessary for them to recover quickly so that they are able to handle their regular training. Recovery supplements provide a mix of protein, carbohydrates and other nutritional ingredients and help in recovery after damage caused by intense exercise.

The players should also take a high protein diet for building and maintaining new muscles. They can take high carbohydrate energy drinks at any time during the day and more importantly between during the race.

More energy for improved performance:

The players must build their nutritional plan and training schedule to increase their physical abilities to go up to the next level and be ahead of their opponents. They can take a number of nutritional supplementation that can give extra energy and help improve their performance. They make the body energetic and strong enough to work harder for a great period.

Provide a lot of health benefits:

Vitamins play an important role in helping the body to recover and remain healthy by taking out the unnecessary toxins and radicals from the body. Triathletes should include multi vitamins in their everyday diet which will provide many health benefits in the form of reduction in blood cholesterol and supporting of healthy joints as the players place a lot of stress on their joints.